Huddah Monroe’s 2-Month Dry Spell Has Her Salivating Over 18 year olds

August 30, 2019

Huddah Monroe’s ovaries are crying out for help over a lack of action for two months.

The petite beauty and one of Kenya’s most prominent sex symbols took to social media to lament the dry spell saying she has been practicing self-control. As a result of the dry spell, the socialite’s ‘thirst’ has her drolling over young boys.

“Haven’t had my conjugal rights in 2 months. Practicing self-control in this sinful world. 18-year-old boys looking like snacks, I want to eat them all,” she wrote.

The cosmetics entrepreneur further blamed the lack of intimacy for her recent opinionated posts that have been rubbing some people the wrong way.

So if you see me rant as you all call it, instead of speaking one’s mind. Understand it’s a cry for help,” said Huddah.

She, however, noted that she will continue speaking her mind anyway. “LMFAO! F*ck that shit. I saty speaking my mind forever, I don’t care.”

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