Check Out How Khaligraph Jones Spent his Sh2500 MCSK Peanuts

August 15, 2019

Khaligraph Jones has already spent the peanuts he received from the Music Copyright Society of Kenya on Tuesday.

The hard-hitting rapper once again sparked a serious conversation within the local music industry when he disclosed the amount he received in royalties from the embattled content management organization.

The CMO paid a measly Sh2,500 to each of the 13,967 members. Following a social media backlash, MCSK said the amounts are collections from public places for only two months.

However, music acts and the public were unconvinced by MCSK’s explanation and have continued to criticize the royalty collector on social media.

Khaligraph Jones, in particular, has been entertaining his followers on Instagram with his humorous approach to the whole saga. In one post, he took a dig at Sauti Sol implying that MCSK is why the afro-pop band members are scrawny.

“Today is Payday, Lol, this is What Artists are Having for Dinner courtesy of MCSK alafu mnashindwa mbona wengine wamekonda, Sauti sol Sitawachokoza Tena, naelewa sasa,” the OG wrote.

But it is his video on Wednesday evening that has really cracked up his fans. The clip captures Khali checking into his hotel room in Lagos, Nigeria and living his best life with the Sh2500 he received on Tuesday.

“Lagos Nigeria We here, Living my best life with my 2500 from MCSK but regardless, The OG shall push Boundaries, The OG shall Represent Kenya On That international Market, Some Sacrifices we make are For the greater good, The OG shall be respected,” he captioned the clip.

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