Zari Deals Sonko Hard Tackle after the Nairobi Governor Said “She’s Extremely Beautiful”

July 18, 2019

Zari Hassan does not want anything to do with Sonko’s nonsense.

This is after those other bloggers lied to you guys that the Ugandan businesswoman had declared her love for the controversial Nairobi governor. In fact, the false reports reached Sonko, who showered Zari with praise and said he was not surprised by her rumored admiration.

“Zari is a classy woman and extremely beautiful. She has a right to express her feelings because she has a good taste and knows what is good for her,” said Sonko.

According to the Nairobi County boss, Zari is one of the many women he has been rumored to have a thing for.

I was not surprised by Zari’s remarks because it is normal for a lady to express what she feels about a man. In the past, I have been accused of dating so many ladies including celebrities and now the latest case of Reverend Natasha. But I am a politician and as politicians, we cannot run away from such stunts although I am looking forward to work with Zari in future,” he added.

But Zari has put to rest the rumors that she admires the Sonko. In a stern Instagram post, she said the county CEO is not her type.

“This nonsense from this man should stop. No I have no crush on you, I do not know you, never met you or anything. Please let me be. You are not my type governor. Thank you,” she said.

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