Watch: Justo Taps Nonini for ‘Good Time’ Remix

July 16, 2019

Four months ago, American-Kenyan YouTuber and internet comedian Justin Bradford released a club banger, Good Time, inspired by a viral clip of one Alex Sadi, who was ‘caught like a rat on the haiweee’ for drunk driving in December of 2016.

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Following a positive reception of the club anthem, Justo has decided to remix it. And who better to collaborate with than the veteran Nonini, who cemented his place in the local music scene with party anthems such as ‘Keroro’, ‘Furahiday’, ‘Tudunde’, among others.

Directed by Hussein Njoroge, ‘Good Time’ remix is as good as the original if not better.

Check it out below. It’s all good vibes on this one. Rating 7.5/10.

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