‘Rat on the Highway’ Video Sensation Resurfaces, Insists Arrest for Drunk Driving was Wrong

June 27, 2019

A motorist who has since become a popular meme on social media after his arrest for drunk driving in December of 2016 was caught on video has resurfaced.

Alex Sadi, a doctor based in Mombasa, was filmed by journalists during his dramatic arrest by NTSA officials in Mtwapa. In the clip, Sadi tongue-lashed the officials saying he was being arrested like a rat on the highway.

Looking visibly drunk and sounding a little incoherent, Sudi blasted the officials telling them to stop wasting their good time.

“When you catch me like a rat on the highway…and I have been driving for over 20 years and you come talking to me big nonsense…stop wasting your time, stop wasting your good time because that is where you go wrong,” he said then.

Recounting the incident to NTV journalists this week, Dr Sadi said he only took two beers after work.

“I took only two bottles of beer before I left for home. I knew one can have at least two bottles which does not exceed the limit,” he said.

According to Sadi, it’s like the NTSA authorities had laid a trap for him and he just fell for it.

“It is like somebody had laid a trap for me and I just ran into it, and it was a crescendo of hunger when I uttered those words wondering how can somebody arrest me like a rat on the highway,” he said.

“I got to the (Nyali) bridge and found a lot of people I was not expecting. The officers wanted me to blow the alcoblow, which I refused because of the hygiene.”

Sadi said he blew into the infamous alcoblow three times but NTSA officials did not disclose the results to him. The officers still went ahead and arrested him. The medic said he spent the night in Mtwapa Police Station before he was released the following day by a Shanzu court on a fine of Sh5,000.

He insists the manner in which NTSA officials arrested him was wrong.

How can someone catch me like a rat on a highway? I think there are better ways to do it. I said it was wrong and I still maintain it’s wrong to arrest someone like that.

“The experience I had was not very good because even drunkards deserve protection, to be respected and defended because I’m a taxpayer.”

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