“Tunajua Mnapandana” Kamene Goro and Ethic Rapper Told to Stop Pretending

July 25, 2019

The social media rumor mill in Nairobi is working overtime if the ‘newest celebrity couple’ in town is anything to go by.

Apparently, the rabble-rouser radio personality Kamene Goro could be having a ‘thing’ with one member of the ‘Lamba Lolo’ hitmaking group Ethic. The said member is none other than the ‘fire-spitter’ Seska.

The two have been linked together after Ethic cast the former NRG radio presenter in their video for ‘Figa’. Shot in the popular nightspot Club 64, Kamene Goro provided the ample female form that Ethic sing about in the track.

The Kiss FM presenter was also flirty with the boys and can be seen cooking eggs for Mtoto wa Eunice before grinding on Zilla.

But it is Ethic’s latest collabo with Otile Brown that has seemingly sparked the rumors about Seska and Kamene smashing. In the track dubbed ‘Dala Dala’, Seska mentions Kamene in a witty wordplay as he raps, “Nikukipa silver, Goro(Gold) ntapea Kamene.”

This has seen a meme go viral telling Kamene and Seska to stop pretending. “Hakuna Haja ya Kujifanya Seska na Kamene. Tunajua mnapandana,” the meme reads.

Kamene posted the meme on her Insta, only writing, “Haiya…,” as the ever excitable netizens flooded the comments section with their reactions.

“Child abuse,” one IG user wrote. Another added, “Acheni Kujifanya”

A third commenter said, “Hatukuwa tumejua ….keyboard warriors ???nangoja kuona mnasemaje leo”

Another wrote, “Alar! Kupandana ni sawa.”

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