The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday July 25)

July 25, 2019

On this new day, here are the biggest headlines in the world today.

Boris Johnson takes over as UK prime minister: Live updates

By Rob Picheta, CNN Updated 1020 GMT (1820 HKT) July 24, 2019 What we’re covering Boris Johnson’s first day: The UK’s new prime minister takes office on Wednesday, after winning the Conservative leadership contest. The end of May: Theresa May will make her last appearance in Parliament as prime minister, before formally resigning to the Queen.

Mueller faces Congress for pair of public hearings

Robert Mueller arrives on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning for the most highly anticipated hearings so far of this presidency, with the potential to reset the narrative about his two-year investigation into President Donald Trump.

South Korea accuses Russia of ‘distortion of the facts’ over mid-air confrontation

South Korea has accused Russia of a “distortion of the facts,” amid a deepening diplomatic rift over an alleged violation of airspace.

How China is slowly expanding its power in Africa, one TV set at a time

In China, few people have heard of StarTimes. But in Africa, the Chinese company is helping villages switch from analog to digital television and exerting China’s power along the way.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló is expected to resign today, source says

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló is expected to resign Wednesday after more than a week of protests that rocked the island’s capital city, a source familiar with the situation told CNN.

Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev dies after sustaining injuries during fight

Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev has died in a US hospital after his fight with Puerto Rico’s Subriel Matias.

Neil Armstrong’s family was paid $6 million by a hospital in a wrongful death settlement

The family of astronaut Neil Armstrong was paid $6 million by a hospital as part of a wrongful death settlement, according to a report from The New York Times.

Beitar Jerusalem: Soccer club owner ready to sue ‘racist’ fans

He’s a soccer player named Ali Mohamed. He’s a Christian from Niger but because his name sounds Muslim, that’s enough for some soccer fans to want to rename him.

Aston Martin is selling way fewer cars in Europe than last year

Aston Martin lost nearly a quarter of its value Wednesday after the luxury car maker cut its sales forecast for the year and reported severe weakness in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Rare Nike trainers sell for more than £350,000

A pair of rare Nike trainers designed by the sportswear giant’s co-founder has sold for a record-breaking $437,500 (£351,772). They were the last shoes to sell in an auction of 100 pairs of trainers – from Adidas to Air Jordans – in New York.

Reports of racist abuse rose by 43% last season, Kick It Out figures show

Reports of racist abuse in English football rose by 43% – from 192 to 274 – last season, anti-discrimination charity Kick It Out says. Statistics gathered by the organisation show reports of all forms of discrimination in professional and grassroots football increased by 32% to 422, up from 319 during 2017-18.

The benefits of being ‘ugly’ – BBC Reel

In an age of airbrushed beauty, can turning against the grain work more to your advantage? Ugly Models celebrates the raw and real nature of being human in all its unique forms. Video Journalist: Griesham Taan

Africa Live: US restricts entry of ‘anti-democratic Nigerians’

The Cameroon government has blamed supporters of a detained opposition leader, Maurice Kamto, for a riot at a prison in the capital, Yaoundé. The trouble on Sunday night at the Kondengui maximum security prison saw hundreds of inmates go on a rampage, burning the prison library and infirmary as well as the destruction of a workshop meant for female inmates.

Manchester City and Nissan extend sponsorship deal

Manchester City, currently on an East Asian tour, has extended its global sponsorship by Japanese carmaker Nissan in a “multi-year deal”. Nissan will be the official automotive partner to City Football Group teams in the UK, US and Australia.

Reddit introduces ‘community awards’ to encourage healthier conversation

If you’ve spent any time lately on r/DunderMifflin, the subreddit dedicated to fans of The Office, you might have noticed something new: a series of new “awards” peppering the group’s most popular posts.

Think FaceApp’s privacy policy is sketchy? We’ve got some news for you.

So we all know FaceApp is sketchy. But uniquely sketchy? Not so fast. Years after its rocky and arguably racist start, FaceApp once again jumped to viral fame this month before users pointed out the selfie-filter app had a questionable privacy policy. People were shocked (shocked!)

Snapchat is more popular than ever

Snapchat is more popular than ever, and that’s very good news for Snap. The company reported its second quarter results for 2019, revealing that user growth is again on the rise – by a lot. Snapchat’s daily active users (DAUs), one of the app’s most closely watched metrics, grew to 203 million, up from 190 million last quarter.

Revenge porn is now illegal in New York

Posting revenge porn can now land New Yorkers in jail. On Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that makes posting revenge porn – the distribution of photos or videos of another person without their consent – as a class A misdemeanor in the state of New York.

How the FTC let Mark Zuckerberg off the hook

Facebook’s FTC headache will soon be over and it looks like Mark Zuckerberg will emerge unscathed. The Federal Trade Commission will formally announce its record-setting $5 billion fine against Facebook this week, according The Wall Street Journal .

Miami’s most luxurious tower is building a skyport for flying cars

Inspired by “The Jetsons.”

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