‘Sheng’ Speaking K24 News Anchor Shiksha Arora Impresses Netizens [VIDEO]

July 17, 2019

Sheng remains undefeated! The Kenyan slang language, originating from the urban underclass of Nairobi, was primarily a language of youths but in recent years, it has cut across demographics and has even spread to neighbouring Uganda, Tanzania.

Coined from the two languages that it is mainly derived from – Swahili and English, Sheng has rapidly evolved this year, with the likes of comedian Kartelo and music group Ethic introducing fresh Sheng words inline with the evolving pop culture in Kenya.

Kartelo, in particular, has become quite the celebrity and he has even crossed over from social media to mainstream media for his mastery of sheng.

The new wave of Sheng has also caught up with K24 TV news anchor Shiksha Arora.The Award-winning journalist says she has been learning Sheng and it has been fascinating.

She took to Twitter yesterday to show off what she has learnt thus far and left netizens impressed, seeing as she is of Indian descent.

Shiksha also captioned the video with a few sheng words, posting: “Niaje wathii bado mnacheza narieng. I’ve been learning sheng and I must tell you it’s been fascinating to say the least. Watch the video to hear what I’ve learnt so far.”

Check her out below and some reactions from KOT.

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