Lynda Nyangweso Fights Back Tears as She Opens Up on Cyberbullying – Watch

July 17, 2019

“Somebody called me a whale!” says Lynda Nyangweso at the beginning of a heartfelt talk on her experience with online trolls and cyberbullying.

In her characteristic bubbly nature, the Kiss FM presenter then continues to add that the above-quoted comment was one of the more creative taunts she has been subjected to by body-shaming trolls.

“It’s one of the more creative ones, I appreciate that,” she says before breaking into hearty laughter. A mighty brave Lynda then goes on to explain why she likes that particular comment, “At least you did your research…they called me specifically a beluga whale.”

Lynda was responding to comments made about her and her family after she posted pictures clad in a swimsuit while on holiday in Mombasa.

“I posted the pictures because we were happy, we were having fun on a regular family vacation…and honestly, the best thing I did was, I never looked online. I posted the picture and I went on with my vacation. It’s only afterwards that I saw people expected me to wear…I don’t know, maybe garbage bags,” says the mother of one.

According to Lynda, what really got to her were trolls who made mean comments in her husband’s DM.

She, however, noted that the meanest comment she has ever seen was about her three-year-old daughter; a cyberbully told Lynda she had no right to have a child because of how she looks.

Struggling to fight back tears, Lynda opened up about her struggle with weight when she was young. She would eat food in the toilet and even contemplated suicide.

“My sadness is for other girls who are going through this. If I was to sit down with a bully, I would show kindness because that’s what I feel is lacking in this social media space we’re in,” says an emotional Lynda.

She goes on to encourage her followers to mute people who spew negativity on social media. Watch her touching talk below.

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