Papa Shirandula Actress Tells of Her Struggle With “Manly” Jawline

July 12, 2019

Barely a day after TV presenter Muthoni wa Mukiri opened up about her struggle with accepting her ‘pointed’ nose, actress Jacky Vike aka Awinja has also shared her struggle with body image.

The ‘Papa Shirandula’ actress says she struggled with her jawline, which I must say is perfectly chiseled, at least according to Hollywood standards.

Just like Muthoni, Jacky developed a negative view of her jawline as a result of people who taunted her that she looked manly. Jacky would do anything possible to hide her jaws, especially when having pictures and videos taken.

“So wacheni niwapatie ka story, You would never have seen a close-up picture of myself because I was always told ‘Ukona JAWS MBAYA! JAWS ZA WABABA, JAWS ZINAKAA MBAO IMECHONGWA, JAWS ZA KANYE WEST, JAWS ZA MTU HAJAKULA MIEZI KADHAA, JAWS UGLY!!! Etc etc… ?I would only show a close up on video since I knew how to maneuver and hide them, I would always have long braids/wigs to hide,” narrated ‘Nyamwalo’.

The mother of one did, however, come around to embracing her jaws. In an inspiring body positivity post on Insta, Jacky Vike urged her close to 500k followers to ignore body-shaming comments from people.

“Some make up artist used to tell me “you have a beautiful jawline” I used to ignore because I thought ni chocha tu to make me feel good, but I later realised this is something I cannot change, and therefore I chose to Embrace them, by donning short hair or show them more, clearly people may make you hate some part of yourself so you grow up knowing, your forehead is ugly or Arms or legs etc, what I can say is, DO NOT ALLOW! Those comments to get to you because they will be affecting you as you carry them, so here I am accepting each and every “Flaw” Pole pole❤️.”


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