Only in Kenya: Man Wants Coat of Arms Changed as Commanded by God

July 3, 2019

A man from Limuru, Kiambu County has caught the attention of the National Assembly with a petition demanding a change on the Coat of Arms.

Mr Charles Mangua says he has been instructed by God that the word ‘Harambee’ inscribed on the Coat of Arms should be replaced with ‘Kenya’.

“I shall not be held responsible for the lives of the people Kenya by God concerning that matter of the word appearing on the Coat of Arms. You shall all be held responsible collectively and individually before God concerning the matter of the word on the Coat of Arms, which should be reading the name ‘Kenya’,” said Mr Mangua in his petition.

Mangua’s petition reportedly draws inspiration from the preamble of the Constitution, which states “the Sovereign God over the people of Kenya is the creator of the Universe”.

The petitioner adds, “He (God) is the one who commanded that the Coat of Arms should read Kenya.”

House Speaker Justin Muturi directed the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee to consider the petition and report to the National Assembly within the mandatory 60 days.

The coat of arms of Kenya features two lions – a symbol of protection, holding spears and a traditional East African shield, symbolizing unity and defence of freedom.

On the shield is a rooster holding an axe, portraying authority, the will to work, success, and the break of a new dawn. It is also the symbol of Kenya African National Union (KANU) party that led the country to independence.

The inscribed word, Harambee, means pulling together or all for one.

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