Nairobi Orders CBD Buildings to be Repainted For the Third Time This Year

July 18, 2019

Sonko’s order for buildings in the CBD to be repainted have been falling on deaf ears following a third directive this year.

This time, property owners have been given a two-week ultimatum to repaint their premises or face legal action. Acting County Secretary Leboo Morintat said after the expiry of ultimatum, unspecified legal measures will be instituted to ensure the notice is fully complied with.

He said the order is anchored in law, including county by-laws and the Public Health Cap 242 on maintaining healthy and quality standards of general public health.

Without giving any specific colour for the repaint, Morintat said the move will enhance the appeal of the city which has been globally recognised among the most dynamic, innovative resilient cities and is also a strategic economic and commercial hub of East and Central Africa.

“It is hereby notified to all property owners in the Nairobi CBD that they should clean, repaint or redecorate their buildings as required by law,” said Mr Morintat in a newspaper notice Wednesday.

The notice also gave blanket approval to property owners to improve plot frontages — the area between a plot boundary and road kerb.

Nairobi County first asked property owners within the city to repaint their buildings in January. The second time was in May when Governor Sonko warned that action would be taken against individuals who fail to comply with the order in 30 days.

“County laws require that property owners repaint their premises after every two years to maintain healthy and quality standards and so those who have not complied with the by-laws should do so before we start taking action,” said Mr Sonko at the time.

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