‘Machachari’ Child Actor ‘Almasi’ Graduates From UK University [Photos]

July 18, 2019

How time flies! Young Kenyan thespian Ian Munene, famously known as child actor ‘Almasi’ on comedy-drama ‘Machachari’, has marked a major milestone in his life.

Munene, whose transition into a self-expressive, cross-dressing young adult has been difficult to take for most of his fans, has now been granted the power to read by a UK University. He has graduated from the University of Kent, a semi-collegiate public research university based in Kent.

The varsity not only educated Munene but also provided a conducive environment where he could be true to himself without being judged or bullied. He once opened up about his difficult past saying he used to be bullied in school for his feminine attributes.

“Looking back at my childhood, as mentioned in my previous post, I always held myself back from expressing what I truly felt, not only with opinions on different things but also with how I presented myself. I was so caught up with what people thought of me and that took over my daily life. Being bullied since primary school only made it worse.(I’ll save that story for a different post) I’ve always acknowledged that I’ve been different, in my train of thought and in my way of expression. Being a guy with feminine attributes comes with its fair share of negative comments, people always trying to put you down by calling you names and spreading rumours and shit. This stuff affected me so much when I was younger,” he wrote in a blog post.

It was all smiles on his graduation day, however, as Munene excitedly took to social media to share pictures.

Check him out below with his friends.

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