Lillian Muli Finally Shares Full PHOTO of Baby Daddy as They Celebrate Son’s Bday in Style

July 25, 2019

The infamous community husband” Jared Ombongi Nevaton has finally made a full debut on Lillian Muli’s Instagram.

For the longest time, the Citizen TV news anchor has limited Nevaton’s presence on her socials to “half” pictures, usually with his face concealed.

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Naturally, the cryptic posts of Jared have been a source of speculation among Muli’s Instagram-in-laws, seeing as they already know he is the baby daddy. There are those who believe the couple doesn’t get along hence Muli’s perceived contempt for Jared. Others believe Jared to be a private man who doesn’t like his business out there.

Either way, Muli surprised those in-laws last evening when she shared a full picture of the Shabana F.C boss. The snap captured Jared and their adorable son Liam Francis at his extravagant first birthday bash on Sunday.

Muli captioned the pic, “Daddy and Toto. Liam Francis…#BossBaby#Babyswag#DaddyBoss.”

Some of Muli’s 680K followers on Instagram loved the picture, to say the least, with some noticing a striking resemblance between father and son.

“Oh wow!! I love Big babies! And with suspenders! Oh wow! He is really cute! You are Blessed among many mothers. Enjoy motherhood and make no apologies !!” one fan wrote.

“Babayao Jared nevaton ametoa matunda mzuri,” another observed.

A third commenter added, “Wawawa huyo ni baba kabisa! Kichwa, mwili yote.”

Another joked, “Kako na nyuma???beautiful Toto and dad??”

“You have an amazing son.. you are a strong woman keep up. beautiful family=a hardworking, patient and loving wife,” wrote another.

Check out more photos from Liam’s first birthday at Dari Restaurant in Karen.

Lillian Muli and her mother, Peninah Mwende Muli

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