Let’s Be Real on Social Media, Says Mercy Masika

July 9, 2019

Praise and worship musician Mercy Masika has a new song out titled ‘Muite Yesu’, which she says addresses the ‘fake it till you make it’ scourge on social media.

According to the Award-winning gospel music sensation, many people are falling into depression because they believe they are not leading a glamorous life like their friends.

“A lot of people post nice things about themselves on social media but do not post their real lives,” she said.

“People need to remain true with what they have and trust God in everything.”

The UNHCR Goodwill ambassador further implored celebrities who post fake lives of themselves on social media to be real to help more young people.

She encouraged her fans to seek God and friends during trying times; “Don’t think about suicide as a solution to your problems. The best thing is to talk about your problems with your friends, whom you can really confide in.”

On her recent appointment as the UN refugee agency’s national goodwill ambassador for Kenya, Masika said, “It is a blessing to serve humanity. There are so many refugees living in Kenya whom we don’t know about, and my aim is to create awareness about them. And tell people about them.”

Check out Masika’s inspiring song ‘Muite Yesu’ below.

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