“I Have Lost 1Kg in 1 Week,” Wahu “Working to Lose More” in Workout Challenge

July 25, 2019

Musician Wahu, despite being one of the most petite celebrities in town, is on a mission to lose weight.

The gospel singer has already shed off one kilo in just one week, and has managed to rope in her family in her work out challenge. “A few years ago, I used to work out for health purposes and I am back to it again.”

Wahu’s workout regimen includes two challenges: 100 days working out five days a week, and 40 days without wheat.

“Wheat is not that healthy and I want to involve my family in avoiding it. Like for my kids, we have adopted a system of no junk during the week and only junking on Sundays,” Wahu is quoted by Word Is.

“I have lost a kilogram in a week and am working to lose more. I have no target of getting to a certain level because I have done that before and failed, which left me feeling a failure.”

Nameless The Sweet-Tooth Guy

On Nameless’ involvement in the challenge, Wahu said, “He is improving because he is a very sweet-tooth guy. He loves eating anything sweet but now he is taking up my journey and taking a lot of water. He is fortunate enough to have a fit body, which does not add so much weight.”

About two years ago, Nameless suffered Subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), a life-threatening type of stroke caused by bleeding in the space between the brain and the tissue covering the brain.

“Before then, he was working out but after falling sick, he had to do away with it. He is, however, slowly coming back,” Wahu said.

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Wahu adds that she is using her work out for spiritual nourishment as well. “I work out for one hour and during that time, I make sure I am on my headphones, listening to some preachings. That becomes an extra time for me with my God,” she said.

The mother of two further advises people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. “I know it is difficult and needs a lot of discipline, but it is very important to try and train your family as well,” she said.

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