“Go to School, We’re Making Your Sister,” Kate Actress Tells Son in Cheeky Birthday Message

July 4, 2019

Catherine Kamau Karanja alias ‘Kate Actress’ is gradually coming to terms with the fact that her beloved son is not a little boy anymore.

The actress’ son, Leon Isaac Kamau, officially became a teenager yesterday, Wednesday, 3 July. And the ‘Sue na Jonnie’ actress was more than proud of how far they have come.

According to Kate Karanja, being Leon’s mum tops her list of all the things she has achieved in her lifetime.

“Of all the things I have I have achieved in my 32 years of existence, being your mum tops the list. We have come from far, from our ‘kanyumba’ (bedsitters) to where we are now ? we can only thank God ??,” Kate wrote in part.

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The former ‘Mother in Law’ star also lamented how her son’s growth has affected their relationship.

Sharing pictures of Leon, she wrote, “So this is his public swag when he is out with me. No hugs, no kisses ‘Mum cheza chini ‘ is all I get ?, where did time go! What do you mean you are 13 ?? Does this mean I can’t smack your face with a hot sufuria anymore when you piss me off?

Kate concluded her Instagram post with a cheeky message telling Leon to go to school because she and husband Phil Karanja are busy making him a sister.

“Happy birthday son, now please go to high school we are busy making your sister ?? happy birthday @kenyan_loganpaul.”


While Phil Karanja, who has since accepted Leon as his own, kept his birthday message simple noting that his son is about to grow a beard before he does.

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