Wahu’s Advice to Fathers Raising Teenage Daughters

June 20, 2019

Secular-turned gospel songbird Wahu Kagwi has called on fathers to be more present in the lives of their children, especially daughters.

Speaking during a recording for Churchill Show, the mother of two girls noted that daughters need attention, not money.

Fathers of girls, I want to tell you that your girl needs your attention more than she needs your money,” Wahu said.

She further noted that when fathers are present in their daughters’ lives it gives the girls confidence in the future. It also prevents the girls from looking elsewhere for attention.

“…especially if you are raising teenagers. You may go out there to look for money, but spend more time with your girls so that they will not go out looking for attention from other men,” Wahu added.

The singer cited herself as an example as she praised her late dad for bringing out the best in her.

“My dad gave me the attention I needed and I did not go out there to look for other kinds of male attention.”

Wahu also praised her husband Nameless. They will be celebrating 14 years in marriage this year.

“Nameless is an amazing guy and I never see him as a celeb, I see him as Baba Tumiso who is very supportive in raising our girls.”

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