Akothee’s Advice to Younger Sister Who Doesn’t Want to Have Children

June 27, 2019

To many people, children are a blessing. But to Akothee’s younger sister Cebbie Nyasego, it’s too much of a hustle to handle the demands of parenting.

According to the popular musician, she is partly to blame for her sister’s vow to never have children. Akothee reckons that her past issues with her baby daddies scared Cebbie from having children.

The ‘Baby Daddy’ hitmaker made the revelation in a post on Instagram, urging Cebbie to reconsider her tough stance.

Akothee noted that Cebbie was particularly discouraged during the musician’s battle for custody of her son.

“I might have killed my sisters dream of having children, with all my baby daddy’s shenanigans ? when she accompanied me to court and so all the lubbish that was going on, she said she doesn’t have that energy ??, its sadness, saddening and humiliating “No babies from me?” @cebbie says she doesn’t see herself having children,” wrote Akothee.

The self-proclaimed President of single mothers went on to encourage her small sister that she would be okay in the event things don’t work out with a baby daddy.

“Someone tell Cebbie my mum needs a grandchild, it will be okey love you sis ❤Cebbie we mince baby daddies into mashakura and life continues ???call me on #callpoliceoofice, if baby daddy leaves and go around to start a new life?you also leave with your children and go around and start a new life from a second step, He is not your blood to stick to him , you stick to your children, your husband will come ???”

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