Senior US Prosecutor to Help DCI, DPP in Kenya’s War on Graft

June 14, 2019

The US is set to second one of its senior prosecutors to Kenya to support the country in the intensified war against corruption.

This follows talks between Kenya’s Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)Noordin Haji and US Deputy Attorney General, Bruce Swartz.

The Kenyan delegation, which also included Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti, also held talks with Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) deputy director David Bowdich.

“The Kenya Delegation meeting with the US Deputy Attorney General was attended by FBI, Resident Legal Advisor at the @USEmbassyKenya , and the Director of @DCI_Kenya,” the Office of Public Prosecutions said through its Twitter account.

The DPP noted that the US prosecutor will help strengthen anti-corruption efforts.

“United States Justice Department is set to attach a senior US prosecutor to strengthen the ongoing anti-corruption efforts. This was revealed by the US deputy attorney general Bruce Swartz during meeting with Kenyan delegation,” tweeted the DPP.

The Kenyan Delegation also met with the Head of Public Integrity Section at US Department of Justice, Annalou Tirol.

The discussions centered on best practices in dealing with public corruption cases in Kenya.

The FBI also pledged its support in Kenya’s anti-graft campaign. “Mr. Bowdich[FBI Deputy Director] lauded the Anti-corruption efforts by the duo and promised full support from the USA Government,” the DCI stated.

Discussions between the two countries also touched on Anti-terrorism matters where the US promised to help establish a Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force in Kenya.

Haji said the meetings will be crucial and helpful to the Kenyan delegation.

“We will come back richer and well equipped with knowledge on these issues disturbing us. Corruption is all over and needs to be tamed,” he said.

Recently, the US conducted a course for Kenyan law enforcement officers that taught prosecutors and police advanced techniques on how to disrupt terrorist incidents and successfully prosecute terrorists.

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