Kakamega Twins Separated at Birth Forgive Hospital, Will Not Sue

June 18, 2019

The nationwide identical twins Sharon Mitekwa and Melon Lutenyo have decided against seeking legal redress against Kakamega County Referral Hospital where they were separated at birth in 1999.

Speaking to journalists on Monday, the sisters said they have forgiven the hospital and will not sue for compensation.

“Kakamega hospital we forgive you and we are not going to sue. We are not going to ask for any type of compensation. I want to thank all who have been helping us in this journey,” said Lutenyo.

The twins, who are currently in Form Four, have also “decided to repeat Form Three so that we can focus on better grades”.

The inseparable duo, who were flanked by their parents, further added; “we hope that we shall live together.”

Mr. Wilson Lutah Maruti, who spoke on behalf of the family, said the family is only concerned about keeping the girls together and that they will decide where they stay during the holidays.

“We have three children… the girls will not be separated, they will be together and if possible when we get a sponsor we will put them up in one school,” said Mr. Maruti.

Last Saturday, Lancet laboratory released DNA results for Sharon, Melvis and Melon, which showed Sharon and Melon share identical DNA profiles.

The results confirmed Rosemary Onyango as the biological mother of the two girls. The test confirmed she was not the biological mother of Melvis, who was confirmed as the biological daughter of Angeline Omina.

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