Hopekid Laments ‘Hypocrisy in Churches’ after He was Kicked Out Over Sex Scandal

June 18, 2019

Hopekid has blasted churches that chased him away following his January sex scandal accusing them of hypocrisy.

“There is a lot of hypocrisy in churches nowadays. People are not what we think they are,” said Hopekid.

According to the singer, quite a handful of bishops and pastors kicked him out of their churches because they did not want to be associated with his brand.

“For me to go to churches was intentional at that time. There were churches I went to and was chased away, a lot of them. The bishops and pastors would say they don’t want me in their churches,” Hopekid said in a radio interview.

He noted the bar would have been a more welcoming place than the churches that kicked him out.

“If I wanted to go to the bar, I’d have been bought beer and given love there. I understood why people run away from church, because it’s a business institution,” he said.

“The pastor thinks ‘if I associate myself with such a person, some people won’t come to church, so my offering bag will go down. To avoid that, I need to chase this one person away’.”

Last month, Hopekid also blasted his colleagues in the gospel music industry saying he received more support from secular music acts.

“Bro, the gospel world is full of hypocrites! “I was chased from a church, a place that should have offered me support and comfort. Gospel artistes, except Timeless Noel, stopped picking my calls. In fact, I got more support from secular artistes,” said Hope Kid.

He also allegedly lost Sh5 million in shows and deals after the sex scandal.

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