Why I Wasn’t Looking for a Man to Marry Me, Kate Actress

May 24, 2019

Film and television actress Catherine Kamau says she had other priorities before she got married to Philip Karanja.

According to the ‘Sue Na Jonnie’ actress, she wasn’t necessarily looking for a marriage partner; she had settled on raising her son as a single mother. And as it turns out, it was her focus on her son and work that seemingly attracted the man of her dreams.

“Men can smell desperation from far,” Kate said in a Q and A conversation with her Instagram followers.

Adding, “I honestly wasn’t looking for a man to marry me because my heart was shattered then and I had committed myself to give my son the best.”

Kate Actress noted that real men notice a focused, ambitious woman, especially one who loves her child unconditionally.

“The way you carry and value yourself as a single mum will determine the kind of man you will unconsciously attract,” said Kate.

The actress and Philip Karanja started off as colleagues on ‘Mother-in-Law’ on Citizen TV. “He was my director in the show and really helped me package my career. I love him because he is an organised person with a lot of potential,” she said.

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