6 Cool Things About PERFECT 12 M-Bet Daily Jackpot That is Causing Excitement Among Kenyan Gamers

May 24, 2019

M-Bet daily jackpot has simply increased the probability of gamers winning and everyone is excited at the prospects of winning millions in Kenya.

There are six amazing things that makes M-Bet’s daily jackpot stand out from its rivals:

Bet amount

The bet amount for M-Bet daily jackpot is only Ksh 50 bob. This is a fair and reasonable amount which most Kenyans can easily afford and are comfortable with staking their bets. Imagine 50 bob can change your life just like that if you play.

PERFECT 12 cash prize

Imagine using Ksh 50 bob to play M-Bet daily jackpot and winning Millions in return. Yes, if you correctly predict the outcome of the 12 matches in M-Bet daily jackpot, you walk away with a whopping Ksh 2 million plus and the amount keeps growing every day. Mind you, the 2 million plus PERFECT 12 Jackpot is offered to gamers on a daily basis. You are allowed to play as many times as you wish no restrictions.

In the event the PERFECT 12 daily jackpot is predicted and won by more than one winner, the prize will be distributed equally among all the winners in the category.

Games in the jackpot

Like said earlier, M-Bet daily jackpot has only 12 games. But if you fail short of predicting the outcome of 12 games correctly, no worries as there are bonuses for gamers who predict 11, 10 or 9 games correctly.

5 reserve games

Sometimes matches get cancelled for one or another reason, meaning that a winner might have to wait longer than anticipated to collect their cash prizes. With M-Bet, when one match is cancelled, they replace that one match with another so that winner get to walk away with the cash prize at close of business that particular day, they are announced as winners.

If only one game is cancelled the first game of the reserve games will replace the cancelled match. If there are 2 games cancelled, then the 2 first reserved games will replace the cancelled matches and the same will apply for 3, 4 or 5 cancellations.

M-Bet betting tips

M-Bet gives its customers betting tips, when you log in on M-Bet site you will realize that on each game the two competing teams have each been given a win probability measured in percentage. The free tips shared by M-Bet are from top accredited sport journalists. You can use the tips to guide you while staking your bets on the daily jackpot PERFECT 12 or normal bets. You also get free betting tips via Sms every single day: with this, you have more chances to win big on your bets when you play with M-Bet Kenya.

M-Bet app

M-Bet app makes it easy for customers to place bets and withdraw their winnings with much ease. This version makes gamers to save on data costs whilst still enjoying the seamless M-Bet experience. You get to know about sports updates, bonuses, promotions, raffles, and free bets.

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