Wavinya Williams: Everything to Know About ‘Nakudai’ Singer

May 20, 2019

Wavinya Williams is one of the newest Kenyan music acts in town. She released her first single(Pole Pole ft Raj) in July last year and followed it up with ‘Teuko’ and ‘Pampi’.

She is back with ‘Nakudai’ and spoke to Pulse magazine about coming from a political family and doing music.

You are from a well-off political and influential family. Why, with all the fame and fortune, would you venture into music, which is more or less considered a hustlers’ career?

I have a passion for music, so this is something I love doing. I actually depend on family money to do music so it’s not like I am hustling so much for this. I don’t like it when people look at me as a ‘rich’ girl, but there is little I can do about that sometimes.

So you are simply going after your passion and in this matter, family opinion might not stand in your way?

Basically, like one would relate, we have the likes of Davido and DJ Cupped coming from rich families and they are running successful music careers even after starting off with family money. I think life is truly about one following after their dreams.

Did your family expect this from you?

Not really. I was already enrolled in university doing a degree in International Relations at the United States International University. However, my family still decided to support me. Funny enough my dad knows about all my songs, which means he has been following closely.

While at that, it is not common for an ‘uptown’ girl to be found singing Nakudai, I mean…Sheng stuff.

I am still the uptown classy girl. Singing in Swahili does not take that away neither does it mean I am not funky. This is the music that connects me with the fans and since its always about the fans, I guess this is me, musically speaking.

What or who inspired you into music, besides the passion?

Victoria Kimani is one person who inspired me to go professional. I love everything about her art, from her fashion sense to musical talent and diversity. I put myself in her shoes as a globally-focused singer. This is the way I look at myself as a rising artiste.

How has the journey been so far?

It hasn’t been easy. One has to be patient and persistent in this field if you will make it. The music industry is changing and growing and that is a positive sign for all including upcoming Kenyan artists.

Seeing that you have some cash at your disposal, recording your videos might not be such an issue as it usually is with other upcoming artists…

Well, I thank God I have a bit of an edge when it comes to that. I am an executive label owner as I run my own music stable. My music videos cost between Sh100,000 and Sh150,000 each.

What do you consider to be your biggest break so far?

That should be the growing number of fans. I appreciate that people are recognising my art and giving it quite a boost especially on YouTube, iTunes and Boom play Music. I guess people love my vibe as a person and as an artist too. I have been able to work with artists like Raj who is one of the blown up stars we have. Big collabos are coming so let’s keep this vibe going on.

Quick Fire

How do you describe yourself?

Hardworking, patient and loving.

Where do you shop since you are a fashion girl?

I consider myself a ‘shopaholic’ so I shop anywhere I get good stuff. I love looking and smelling good and it does not matter how much it takes for me to achieve that.

What is the most awkward experience you have had with a man?

This guy introduced me to his family as a girlfriend while we were not dating. This was awkward, very awkward.

Are you dating though?

I am not dating now.

Would you date a celeb?

I would prefer not to. I love low key guys. I need somebody who will keep the check on me and not one who is popular out there.

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