5 Things to Know About KUTV Presenter Corazone Saphane

May 20, 2019

Corazone Saphane is a news anchor at Kenyatta University’s digital television station, KUTV. She hosts shows such as Rise Today and Elimu ni Nguvu.

Ms Saphane is also an educational technologist. Below are 5 more things to know about the budding TV personality.

  1. How would you describe what you do?

I am an Educational Technologist professionally. In a nutshell, education technology is about incorporating technological resources in the teaching-learning process to facilitate learning. Television is one of the resources I am currently working with as an educationist.

  1. What do you enjoy most about the medium of television?

Television appeals to every vital human sense in terms of learning, therefore information passed through television is bound to be remembered for a long time.

Look at how children memorise advertisements, dance moves and frequently uttered televised phrases.

This makes television a very powerful learning tool. Being a teacher on television is a fascinating experience.

I enjoy communicating with my audience, knowing that they are enjoying the learning experience and that whoever is watching will retain the information.

  3. How did you get here?

I took this path in 2015 when I went back to study for my master’s degree at Kenyatta University.

I specialised in Educational Communication and Technology. My Lecturer chose me to participate as a guest on a KTN television show.

He spotted my talent and proposed that I audition for a news anchoring slot for KUTV.

I gave it a try and qualified for training. My master’s course in Communication Technology was quite relevant and helped me a lot.

  1. What would you tell a university student interested in your career?

I did not study media in school, but I needed my current master’s course and the training I was offered by KUTV to refine my talent.

I would say embrace every new discovery you make about yourself, feel confident to learn the skills you need for your growth and do not give up when you realise you are not yet good enough.

 5. Why do you think it is important for journalists to go to school and broaden their skills?

I had to learn about production in school to actually understand what was expected of me. Before that, I could not define what a good final product is.

Learning about what you are doing is the only way you can convince yourself and those who rely on you to educate them that you are capable.

Learning skills refines your inborn talent, makes you more diligent and you get to appreciate every process needed in your line of work to deliver a final product that is beyond reproach.

Courtesy: myNetwork

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