9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Sue Na Jonnie’ Actor ‘Vostie’

May 20, 2019

Robert Agengo is an experienced thespian best known for his roles in some major local productions such as ‘Makutano Junction’, ‘Mali’, and others.

He talked to the Nairobian and here are some take-outs from the interview.

You started acting way back in 2004. Do you remember your first ever gig?

It was in the play Mistake, which was being aired on KBC. Later, I started rehearsing for set books and joined a theatre group in 2005.

Most people don’t know that you’re a boxer. Why did you quit?

Boxing has always been a part of me. We had this neighbour from Kibera who was a champ in boxing called Modest Oduor Apunyi (the late). He used to come home with the belts and that fascinated me a lot. I started training and joined his gym. By the way, I still box and even run a company that promotes boxing.

You also wanted to join the army, right?

Yes. As a kid, I was in the scouts and I really admired the navy uniform. I was a good commander for a few years and even got recognition from the President.

Between theatre and film, which one do you prefer?

I do both, but theatre is a good platform. Hapo ndio shule. But the only disadvantage is that it doesn’t pay well. I also like theatre because you get to interact with your fans and receive instant feedback.

Which films and series have you featured in?

Kidnapped, Taking the Flak, Makutano Junction, Crazy Kenyans, Shika Pata Potea, Sue na Johnnie, Mali, Kona, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind and Changes.

Speaking of Sue and Johnnie, where did you get that perfect Nigerian accent?

Let’s just say I am good at imitating different accents. It comes naturally.

Which character have you enjoyed playing most and which have you been popular with?

Vostie in Sue na Johnnie and Jeremiah in The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind.

How do you handle attention from female fans?

It depends with what they want. I meet many women everyday.

In real life, are you intimidated by actress Naomi Ng’ang’a?

Of course not. I’d say she is more intimidated by me instead! We have known each other for years. And anyway, it was just a role in a play.

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