Waititu Brags That His Massive Wealth Can Make His Critics Commit Suicide

May 17, 2019

Waititu is so wealthy that if his critics knew of all his assets, they would just commit suicide.

These are the exact sentiments of the Kiambu governor who maintains that he acquired his massive wealth through business and not from proceeds of corruption and land grabbing. According to ‘Baba Yao’, he was already wealthy before he became a politician; he says he owned a Mercedes and a Range Rover when he was elected Councillor of Nairobi City in 2002.

He told off his critics saying they should stop being jealous and instead strive to amass their own riches.

“People should stop being jealous. When you hear someone has his own building, one should look for theirs. When someone is being elected for any seat they are not poor; they have their own plans and I had mine. My first building in Nairobi is not 20 years and if I took some of my critics to Nairobi they would commit suicide,” said Waititu in an undated video published on YouTube.

He explained his source of wealth saying he used to distribute construction material all over Eastlands and Pipeline estates. He was also involved in road construction and garbage collection, Waititu said.

Baba Yao further noted that his critics should look into his history well as “where he lives now is the same place he used to stay over 20 years ago”.

“I would be living in the old Muthaiga where those who got property long ago live. Ask those who know me well. I am lucky because some people look at my face and think I am not clever but I do not care.”

The outspoken county boss said if anyone doubts how he acquired his buildings, they can inquire at Survey of Kenya.

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