DP Ruto Recalls The Day Jomo Kenyatta Died, “I Thought It was the End of the World”

May 31, 2019

Deputy President William Ruto thought it was the end of the world when President Jomo Kenyatta died in 1978.

In his address during the 17th annual National Prayer Breakfast in Nairobi, Ruto said he was grazing his father’s cows when news of Kenya’s founding father was announced.

“We were on school holiday and I was looking after my father’s cows. At around 3 pm we were told President Jomo Kenyatta has passed on. I remember we hurriedly took the cows home. We ran, literally, because in my mind I thought it was the end of the world,” narrated Ruto.

The DP, who was 11 years old then, was telling his rags to riches story. He further recounted getting his first ever pair of shoes in 1981. He was preparing to join secondary school.

“My father bought me my first shoe in 1981 from a ‘Mr. Onyango’ on the streets for Sh.60,” said Ruto.

“Today, the gentleman who did not have shoes is sitting at the high table with the son of the founding father.”

According to Ruto, his humble beginnings is why he makes huge donations to churches.

“When you see some of us go to church, and pray and lift up our hands, sometimes shed tears, make this or that contribution, it is because we cannot forget where God has brought us from.

“Some of us have more to thank God for than some of you. I beg you to understand, because sometimes you judge us harshly,” said Ruto.

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