“Dear LGBTQ, Jesus Can Cure Your Sickness…” TV Presenter’s Open Letter to Homosexuals

May 30, 2019

Media personality Kendi Ashitiva has penned an open letter to the LGBTQ community in Kenya saying Jesus can “cure” them. Referring to homosexuality as a sickness, the former Tukuza gospel show presenter said the church is a hospital.

Taking to her popular Facebook page with over 55,000 followers, Ashitiva shared an article by Lifesitenews.com titled “200 ex-LGBT men, women rally to show freedom they’ve found in following Jesus.”

She captioned it, “Dear LGBQT, I told you JESUS CAN FIX IT….. there is nothing he can’t cure. Congratulations to these ones. All our sicknesses moral, physical, emotional he can cure……”

In another post, Kendi urged the LGBT community to seek Jesus as there’s no sickness he can’t cure.

This comes after Kenyan High Court on Friday last week dismissed a case seeking to overturn a law criminalising same-sex relationships.

Read Kendi Ashitiva’s open letter below.

Dear LGBTQ folks,

It’s easy to think that the Church hates you, and who knows maybe some of us do or maybe we have not loved you in the way that you want us to love you. Please forgive us?. However please note that we love you enough to tell you over and over again from our pulpits and through our courts in Kenya that what you believe as healthy sexuality doesn’t work FOR YOU but AGAINST YOU.

Is the church perfect? Absolutely Not! The church is a hospital, everyone in there is SICK, SICK I TELL YOU and GOD is our GREAT PHYSICIAN. Healing us and fixing our mess with each passing day as we get to know him. Our sicknesses range from lying, stealing, adultery, fornication, murder, abortion, corruption, etc. Every nasty thing imaginable, you will probably find it in church. That’s why we are not proud of our sicknesses because we know it’s WRONG. What we do sometimes is wrong no matter how you want to look at it.

The very intricate design of our bodies is proof of our creator’s magnificent expression of sexuality that is pleasurable, fulfilling and most importantly reproducible(we get to procreate???). The woman’s vagina doesn’t struggle to accept a man’s erect penis and truthfully speaking it’s a pretty amazing affair, nothing quite like it. You should try it, I have ??!

What we are praying for you to see is that this too is wrong, it’s sick and that it needs fixing and there is no sickness too great for the great physician JESUS and no matter how some of us have painted him as, trust me he is far kinder and nicer than any of us know and he can handle your mess (he sees you showering and he sees you doing it(sex), imagine he can handle it).

So no matter how you color it, it JUST DOESNT WORK GUYS, ONLY ONE WAY WORKS.

Kendi Ashitiva.

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