A Stranger on Social Media Offered Me Sh100K for Sex, Singer Wavinya

May 24, 2019

Upcoming Kenyan songbird Wavinya Wiliams says her experience in the local music industry hasn’t been rosy. She has had to work twice as hard, says Wavinya.

Additionally, Wavinya has had to deal with unwarranted sexual advances from media gatekeepers who refused to play her music when she turned them down.

“Being a woman in this female industry is tough. There is a day I was asked for a sexual favour. I turned down the offer and they refused to give me an interview or even play my music,” she said.

Despite the trials, the ‘Nakudai’ hitmaker believes God’s time is the best. “My fans have been very supportive. I am loving the way they have responded to my new jam ‘Nakudai’. They have motivated me to release something else for them,” she added.

Wavinya also recalled getting a monetary offer for sex from a man on social media.

“A man from my social media offered me Sh100,000 just so he could take me to bed. I turned his offer down because I love being independent,” she said.

According to Wavinya, there is something fulfilling about working for your own money. “If I want to go buy myself something I will do exactly that because I have worked for my money,” she said as quoted by the Star.

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