6 Tricks to Pass CompTIA Security+ Exam on Your First Try from Examsnap

May 31, 2019

Cybersecurity is an ever-expanding sector which offers many exciting and challenging opportunities to build a career. To successfully launch your career in IT security, you need to possess hands-on skills as well as an internationally recognized certification. Security+ from CompTIA association is a vendor-neutral internationally recognized credential that validates core skills required to perform different tasks related to cybersecurity. So, if you want to start your career in this sector, Security+ is what you need.

In this article, you will find 6 great tricks that will help you prepare forSecurity+ exam SY0-501 and earn the credential on your first try.

  1. Know the Security+ Domains and Structure

CompTIA Security+ certification has a convenient and clear structurethat facilitates the study of the necessary topics. Each of the six domains covers a certain percentage of the syllabus. These six domains are:

  • Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities. The first domain deals with the basics that every security professional should know. It covers threat detection and analysis as well as vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.
  • Technology and Tools. This unit tests your ability to install hardware and software-based network components and use them to maintain organizational security.
  • Architecture and Design. This domain focuses on implementing network architecture concepts to create a secure environment for the company to operate. The section also covers systems design and security controls
  • Identity and Access Management. This section covers the necessary skills to create an identity service that will enable users to access the system in a secure way.
  • Risk Management. This domain focuses on comparing the risks and costs associated with different decisions made about a system.
  • Cryptography and PKI. This section covers the basics of cryptography and public key infrastructure as well as principles of installation and configuration of wireless security settings.


SY0-501 exam consists of a maximum of 90 questions and lasts about 90 minutes. To pass the test successfully, you need to attain a score of 750 points on a scale of 100-900.

  1. Create a Study Plan and Execute It

Now when you know the domains and topics covered in the syllabus, it is time to create a study plan. Everyone has a different learning style. You need to create your own study plan considering the style that suits you the best and the amount of time you want to spend studying. Make sure to ask some questions to yourself and adjust your plan on the basis of the answers:

  • When do you want to take the exam?
  • Are you familiar with most of the topics?
  • Which topics seem difficult?
  • How much time can you spend studying per day?
  • Which training method do you prefer?

Once your study plan is ready, you need to begin your preparation. It is better to start with a domain that seems the most difficult for you. You will gain more confidence when you finish off the complex topics. After that, you will be able to move to easier topics without hassle. However, the hardest part of the whole preparation process is to stick to the plan. But remember, you will only be able to achieve your goal if you can execute your plan properly.

  1. Take Practice Tests

Taking practice tests is a great wayto learn how to manage time and pressure during the exam. It also helps you determine how much knowledge you have gained about each topic. At first, you should take practice exams on the topics of a single domain. Once you feel that you have a good command of the topics, you can move to the next domain. After you master all the domains, you can start taking full-length practice exams. Take a few different practice tests and you will be mentally prepared for the real exam.

  1. Use Only Proven Platforms to Prepare for Your SY0-501 Exam

Below you will find a list of recommended resources for SY0-501 test preparation.

  • Examsnap. This website has a wide range of materials for Security+ SY0-501 exam. The premium bundle contains 543 questions and answers, a training course of 121 lectures, and a study guide of 655 pages. All the materials found on Examsnap are created and verified by experts. Examsnap continuously updates its practice tests and training materials. So, you will always get the latest questions and accurate answers. At the Examsnap website, you will also find free practice tests downloaded by previous exam takers.
  • ExamSnap. This platform also has a premium bundle for Security+ exam containing questions and answers, training course, and a comprehensive study guide.
  • ExamCollection. This site has a similar type of offer for the Security+ exam. Here, you will be able to find free and paid preparation resources.
  1. Build Hands-on Skills

Having practical skills is very important for earning Security+ certification. Besides, it helps a lot to build a strong foundation for your future career. The most efficient way of learning about networks is to set up your own network by yourself. It will also help you to answer some performance-based questions.

  1. Prepare for Performance-based Questions

Performance-based questions are different from the usual multiple-choice questions. Performance-based questions are designed to test the practical skills of a candidate. In this type of questions, candidates are asked to solve a problem in simulation. This ensures that a certified specialist not only knows what a job entails but also is prepared to solve different types of security issues.


Security+ SY0-501 exam syllabus contains some fairly complex topics. However, as it is an entry-level exam, you will be able to answer most of the questions if you prepare properly. Remember that this CompTIA Security+ certification along with real skills can help you get your dream job. Best wishes for your cybersecurity career!

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