Songbird Gin Ideal Thought She was Pregnant After Losing her Virginity

April 24, 2019

Fast-rising Kenyan songbird Virginia Maina a.k.a Gin Ideal had her first pregnancy scare the very first time she had sex.

Gin Ideal, who’s famed for the ‘Rede’ hit, lost her virginity in her teenage years. Interestingly, the singer and her first-timer used protection but she was still paranoid about having a bun in the oven.

“The very first time I had sex I was 19 years, and though we used protection I was so scared and thought I was pregnant. Lots of paranoia thoughts,” she said.

The Taurus Musik signee says her first boyfriend was an experiment of sorts.

“I started dating when I turned 19 so you can imagine how innocent I was at high school. Coming into that first relationship was quite an anxious experience and I guess I was learning these things.

“You can imagine a girl getting her first kiss and being told all those sweet-nothings. The first boyfriend is always like an experiment. You lie to yourself it’s going to be forever when we all now know it is the starter on the menu,” explained Ideal.

The former Grandpa Records artiste added that she is single and has only had two boyfriends.

When asked about her best Bible character, Gin Ideal said, “I would say the prodigal son. This is because we all make mistakes. However, the courage to come back and repent needs a lot of humility and self-acceptance.”

Gin Ideal is currently ruling the airwaves with her latest song ‘My Way’.

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