Prof Hamo Identifies “the problem we have as Kenyan Youths”

April 24, 2019

Comedian and radio personality Prof Hamo has warned Kenyan youths not to be fooled by the “perfect” lifestyles they see on social media.

Speaking in Malindi, the ‘Churchill Show’ comedian advised youths to always be themselves and have self-confidence.

“Every youth should accept themselves the way they are. Stop fighting for something you are not,” said Hamo.

He further advised that everyone should not compare themselves with others and identified the one problem Kenyans have.

“Be yourself. If your friend is having an expensive drink and you took a local brew, accept and move on,” he said, adding, “Smell mnazi confidently and don’t compare yourself with people. The problem we have as Kenyans is we don’t accept ourselves.”

Fellow comedian Sleepy David also urged young Kenyans not to be pressured into hustling too hard so they can get to other people’s level.

“If this celebrity can afford what you can’t, be you,” said David.

This comes after gospel singer Size 8 also warned her followers against taking what they see on social media at face value.

“WARNING: Don’t be fooled by what you see people post on social media. Many people, not all people, but many only post the good side of their life. They post what they want you to see and hide what they think is not pleasant coz maybe they want you to assume they are perfect,” wrote Size 8.

She added, “I don’t have a perfect ministry neither a perfect career, my finances are not perfect, I don’t have a perfect Marriage, I don’t have a perfect child, I don’t have a perfect body.”

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