Oga Obinna Faces Wrath of Kenyans after Insensitive Joke about Much-Loved ‘Shosh’

April 24, 2019

Comedian Oga Obinna has rubbed Kenyans on social media the wrong way after making a joke that was deemed insensitive.

The funnyman who doubles up as an MC took his jokes a little too far when he made a comment about much-loved comedy duo of Samuel Ndung’u alias BrayoSammy and his shosh (grandma).

Obinna took to Instagram to post, “So if shosh dies (God Forbid) Brayo Sammy has no content. Lol”

This drew the wrath of the Kenyan online community, more so from comedian Brayo Sammy who didn’t find humor in the mean comment.

The 21-year-old comedian responded to Obinna, posting on IG, “Obinna your big brand thinking but you stupid!! This is mean for you! Shosh ain’t dying anytime soon ! And if so God got big plans for me !! Your thinking is just beyond comedy!! Ain’t funny!!!! And watch out maybe God might turn the Game round and you be the one loosing. We’re watching!!”

But a defiant Obinna defended his joke saying he included the words “God Forbid” and therefore, he meant no ill will against the much-loved 78-year-old grandma.

Obinna, who disabled comments on his post on Instagram, even quoted a Bible verse; John 8:7, which reads;When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.(NIV)

He also posted screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation in which he defends his joke. Another screenshot shows a google search result for the phrase God forbid.

Brayo Sammy and Shosh shot to the limelight in June last year courtesy of a viral video of the latter attempting to pronounce gospel deejay Samuel Muraya’s stage name, DJ Mo.

Watch: Granny Attempts to Pronounce DJ Mo’s Name, Kenyans Fall in Love

The unique comedy-duo, named E360 Awards Comedian of the Year 2019, has since gained a large fanbase which did not waste time in castigating Obinna.

One fan wrote, “Damn, not funny, vile & stupid. Ogaobinna if we ban the use of fake Nigerian accent you will also have no content though…”

A second IG user commented, “Obinna place your right hand on your chest and repeat these words after me.. ”I’m a witch! ” that’s clearly what you are…You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“You owe Brayosammy an apology mumu!! Shame on you!!” another fan demanded.

Another Kenyan blasted Obinna writing, “Shame on you. Just looking for cheap popularity.”

Obinna was also told that, “You are the most arrogant comedian the world ever saw. You owe that young guy an apology. And anyway who told you are funny?”

Here are more screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation posted by Obinna;

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