Kenyan Family Sues Boeing Over Ethiopian Airlines Crash

April 17, 2019
Attorney Nomaan Husain and George Kabau’s sister Esther Kabau

A Kenyan family says it has filed a lawsuit in Chicago against aviation giant Boeing over the March 10 Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed 157 people.

Siblings of deceased 29-year-old engineer George Kabau said they want to force the American Aircraft manufacturing company to release documents and emails relating to its 737 MAX 8 model.

Kabau’s sister, Esther Kabau-Wanyoike, told a press conference that she wanted to use her brother’s death to improve aviation safety.

“He didn’t leave a child. My mum is devastated,” she said, adding, “We can use his demise to ensure safer travel for all.”

U.S. lawyer Nomi Husain, who is also representing one of the American families suing Boeing, said the lawsuit was filed late on Monday in Chicago.

He said the families were seeking to hold Boeing accountable.

“We want to let the litigation process play out,” he said.

When you put profits over safety, you will be held accountable and you will pay a price.”

Three lawsuits have already been lodged over the Ethiopian Airlines crash, by the families of two Americans, including consumer activist Ralph Nader’s great niece, and a Rwandan.

Dozens of families are also suing Boeing over the October Lion Air crash in Indonesia, which killed 189 people.

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