I Have No Apologies For DP Ruto Impeachment Motion, Orengo Says

April 1, 2019

Siaya Senator James Orengo has no apologies for wanting to remove Deputy President William Ruto out of office.

Orengo, who last week announced plans to seek the support of the National Assembly to impeach Ruto over corruption allegations, on Saturday said he stood by his word and does not regret calling for the removal of Ruto.

He was addressing residents at Nyalweny market in West Ugenya location while campaigning for the Orange Democratic Movement candidate Christopher Odhiambo Karan ahead of Ugenya parliamentary by-elections.

The Senate Minority Leader insisted that he is going after Dr Ruto as there is no reason to always arrest junior civil servants when those in charge of corruption walk around scot-free without the burden of proof.

Orengo further stated that they are not always going to wait for the DPP and DCI to act in the war against corruption.

He observed that it was unfortunate that the Constitution gave powers to legislators to act against those pilfering public funds but the lawmakers keep on lamenting instead of using their powers to fight graft.

“I challenge members of the National Assembly not to wait for Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission or the Director of the Criminal Investigations to haul the suspects to court. The constitution empowers them to impeach Cabinet Secretaries who engage in impropriety.”

“As leaders from the National Assembly and the Senate we must invoke constitutional powers to deal with corrupt in unison,” said Orengo.

Mr Orengo praised some of the ODM MPs plotting to impeach Finance Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich before the DPP and DCI complete the investigations.

He also said Kenya should learn from South Africa and fight corruption from the top.

“South Africa is the best example on the war against corruption when they turned against their former president Jacob Zuma and he is now an accused person in the court of law,” Orengo said.

The politician also regretted that many developments in the country have been derailed because of a few corrupt individuals who should be dealt with.

“The other day I was talking to some investor from Mauritius who has build nine dams in the country and he didn’t even spend anything next to Sh21 billion for two dams,” Orengo said.

The Senator added that public servants who are not corrupt should not be worried when they are waging the war on corruption to protect resources for future generations.

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