Huduma Namba Holders to Continue Using IDs

April 25, 2019

Kenyans who have registered for the National Integrated Identity Management System (Niims) number, popular as Huduma Namba, will still be required to use their national identity cards (IDs) to identify themselves.

This is according to Planning Principal Secretary Julius Muia who added that Huduma Namba will not phase out other identifiers such as the conventional identity card, driving licence, the National Hospital Insurance Fund card and others.

Huduma Namba has been widely touted as a one-stop shop for personal identification. However, Mr Muia said that the utility will take longer to be realised.

“Young Huduma Namba holders will be able to access the national identity card easier compared to those without the number when they turn 18. The available database will have indicated that the applicants have attained 18 years and therefore have qualified for identity cards by the time they apply for the identity cards,” the PS stated.

Dr Muia spoke at Kinyambu Market in Makueni County while overseeing the ongoing Huduma Namba mass registration.

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