Beatrice Elachi is a Stranger to Us, Nairobi MCAs say Ahead of Court Ruling

April 25, 2019
Majority leader of the Nairobi County Assembly Abdi Hassan Guyo and Minority leader Elias Otieno.

Members of the Nairobi County Assembly will not accept former Speaker Beatrice Elachi to lead the House again.

The Assembly leadership said that the embattled Elachi was lawfully impeached and she is no longer recognised as the assembly’s speaker. This comes ahead of a court ruling on Friday that will decide Elachi’s fate.

Majority Leader Abdi Hassan Guyo said the court cannot impose her to the Assembly by force.

“As a house, we have and already lost confidence in her. Elachi was our servant and we do not require her services anymore and that is why we proceeded to impeach her on the floor of the assembly. The court cannot force her down our throats,” said Guyo as quoted by Star.

According to Guyo, the House has already moved on and is comfortable under the leadership of acting assembly speaker Ngara MCA Chege Mwaura.

The Matopeni Ward rep noted that the Court can only provide the assembly with ‘remedies’ but cannot force Elachi back to the house.

Guyo’s sentiments were echoed by his counterpart from the minority side, Elias Otieno, who said Elachi is now a stranger to them.

“We will allow the court to do its part because we did ours last year in September where we impeached Elachi and followed the county assembly standing orders,” Elias said.

“Elachi will remain to be a stranger to us and she cannot come back and lead this house. So far we are doing well with our acting speaker and everything has progressed.”

Elias maintained that even if the court rules in Elachi’s favour, it cannot force the House to accept her.

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