Governor Sonko Diverts Sh96M ‘Confidential Budget’ to Better Use

April 5, 2019

Days after he defended a supposed Sh96 million confidential budget allocation, Nairobi governor Mike Sonko now wants the money to be diverted elsewhere.

Sonko, who was put on the spot by an oversight committee, explained that the money was for emergencies.

“This money is there for emergency. Like recently we had the Toi Market fire, part of that money went to the traders whose structures were completely razed by the fire.

“Everything I spent I spend it at capacity as the Governor of Nairobi and I can account for it with receipts. Why should I make that budget confidential. That is misleading. Whoever is trying to implicate me in those funny cases, that is nonsense of the highest order,” Sonko said on Monday.

On Thursday, however, Sonko said the Ksh.96million ‘confidential budget’ allocation will be used to upgrade health facilities in the county.

“I want to say that although the Ksh.96million “confidential budget” had been allocated for operational expenses in my office, I won’t utilise the funds. I now want the funds to be used to upgrade our health facilities across Nairobi,” said Sonko in a statement sent to newsrooms.

He termed the move as a ‘major boost’ for the health sector since his office “does not require the money”.

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