Governor Mutua Challenges US, EU to Name and Shame Corrupt Kenyans

April 25, 2019

The governor for Machakos County Dr Alfred Mutua has implored Western countries to assist Kenya in the fight against rampant corruption and drug trafficking.

Governor Mutua challenged the US and the European Union to make public lists of corrupt government officials, drug barons and terrorists.

Speaking on Tuesday during the unveiling of Mars Wrigley Confectioneries plant in Athi River, Dr Mutua asked the US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter, who was in attendance, to ask Washington to release a list of shame.

“I want to challenge the American ambassador and your colleagues from the European Union and even other nations like Japan to take a stand on the issue of corruption,” he said.

“You have a database of drug dealers and, I believe, terrorists from our region who are on your radar. I also believe there is a database of super corrupt people in this country. My request is, stop these very senior government officials from stealing from us.”

The former government spokesman also asked the West to punish corrupt individuals by banning them from investing in their countries.

“Name and shame these people. You have the database of the corrupt people. Give us a list of shame and stop them from coming to your country. Punish them so that they don’t just send their children to study in your country and to live well whereas our children are left in suffering in poverty,” governor Mutua said, adding, “Why can’t you stop them from coming to your countries to hide or invest our money?”

Mutua also appeared to throw an indirect jibe at DP William Ruto, saying, “There are some who say they are targeted whenever we talk about corruption. But why do you feel guilty unless you have a history of thievery?”

The County boss said Kenyans should not trust “thieves” to create jobs for the youth and grow the country’s economy.

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