RAW VIDEO: Boniface Mwangi Confronts Police Officers For Harassing Man Over “Military” T-shirt

March 4, 2019

There was drama at the Hub Karen Mall on Sunday when activist Boniface Mwangi came to the rescue of a man who was being harassed by police officers for allegedly wearing military uniform.

The middle-aged man was on a family day out with his two children at the mall when he was stopped for wearing a military print tshirt.

According to Boniface Mwangi, the man sought his help in fear of getting arrested.

“We were at The Hub when this man came running to me afraid that the police wanted to arrest him for wearing “military uniform.” Wrote Mwangi in a post on Twitter.

The passionate activist also shared photos and videos of the incident showing him confronting two officers. In one video, a seemingly angry male officer is seen knocking down Boniface Mwangi’s phone as he recorded the incident.

In another video recorded by his wife, the Pawa254 founder is seen defending the aggrieved man alongside his two children.

“Nachukua video kwasababu naogopa mtafanya ufisadi. Mbona mnakimbizi mtu na watoto wake? What is this? Jiulize by the way,” Boniface tells the officers.

The video continues with Boniface Mwangi walking the family and his children out of the mall with the police speaking to each other in hushed tones as if consulting on what to do.

Meanwhile, Boni’s wife, who was left behind as she recorded the officers, got into an altercation with the law enforcers who tried to take her phone away.

She can be heard screaming during a confrontation with a female officer before Boni, who was out of sight, comes running back to rescue his wife.

“Wachana na bibi yangu wewe,” Boni shouts repeatedly before the female officer walks away.

Watch the clips below.

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