Magistrate Maisy Chesang Afraid of Being Detained With Inmates She Convicted

March 13, 2019
Pauline Maisy Chesang and her late husband Robert Chesang at a past event.

Embattled senior Nyeri Magistrate Pauline Maisy Chesang on Tuesday made a desperate plea in court to avoid sharing a prison with inmates she previously sentenced.

Chesang, who was in court in connection with the murder of her husband Robert Chesang, pleaded with a Machakos Court not to detain her at Machakos G.K Prison, claiming saying she was likely to meet inmates she had convicted and who were likely to harm her.

Through her lawyer, Assa Nyakundi, Chesang requested to be detained at Athi River Police Station.

“If she must be remanded, I pray that she be held at Athi River Police Station and not Machakos where she is likely to encounter inmates whom she might have sentenced while serving in some stations,” lawyer Nyakundi stated.

“The first accused is a serving magistrate and has not yet taken plea. She is innocent until proven guilty. Keeping her further in custody is an affront to her constitutional rights, and furthermore she has rendered distinguished service to the judiciary for many years,” he added.

Machakos Court Deputy Registrar K. Kenei granted the request and ordered her detention at Athi River police station.

Chesang’s co-accused; Richard Moru, Lawrence Lempesi and Peter Maundu, are detained at Machakos G.K Prison.

The Deputy Registrar K. Kenei further ordered Ms. Chesang and her co-accused to undergo a mental examination at Mathari Mental Hospital in Nairobi within the next two weeks.

The suspects will take plea on April 9, 2019.

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