Kenyans on Twitter Share Their Most Broke Moments in Life and It’s Unbelievable

March 28, 2019

Being broke sucks! They say money doesn’t bring happiness but neither does being broke. It is part of the journey for a whole lot of people.

The good thing about being broke is that it is a temporary situation that can sometimes change in the blink of an eye. Just ask those jackpot and lottery winners.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been broke at one time in your life or you’re still broke and wondering if your situation will ever change.

If you belong in the latter group, worry not because there are people who have been in worse situations but still pulled through. This became more evident on Wednesday when Kenyans online shared their broke experiences on the Twitter platform.

They were responding to a question by Shoba Gatimu @shobanes, a popular food connoisseur who recalled his lowest point financially eight years ago when he ate Ugali and a soup made out of onions and powdered spice ‘Royco’.

“What was your brokest moment in life? Me. Kuna siku sikuwa na kakitu kabisa. I had nothing to cook in my ka bed sitter. Hiyo siku nilikaanga kitunguu alafu nikaweka royco na maji nika tengeneza ‘soup’ ya kula na sembe. I can still remember that taste 8 years later,” tweeted @Shobanes.

The responses he got were nothing short of unbelievable. Most Kenyans on Twitter recalled having to walk long distances for lack of bus fare as others narrated the shocking meals they had to survive on.

We have sampled a few tweets below.

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