DK Kwenye Beat and Bahati Team Up to Say Sorry in Trash Collabo

March 1, 2019

I can’t even begin to describe how appalled I am by this new song by these so-called gospel artistes DK Kwenye Beat and Bahati.

Sure, we all saw it coming, but some of us actually gave them the benefit of the doubt. Who were we kidding?

The two have unashamedly gone ahead to capitalise on the negative backlash they have been getting in recent weeks by releasing a collabo dubbed ‘Sorry’.

Apparently, the song is their way of acknowledging their flaws and apologising for their “mistakes”. The song also appears to serve as a new beginning for DK Kwenye Beat who has since cleared his Instagram account, leaving posts about ‘Sorry’.

For someone who has come under fire for preying and infecting a female fan with herpes, an unwarranted apology song sounds like a pretentious attempt to milk publicity.

And then there is Bahati, whose brand image seems to be taking a hit with each passing day following the ugly fallout with Mr Seed and his wife Nimo.

He has been accused of among other things, refusing to pay Mr Seed his dues after he quit EMB Records and mistreating a pregnant Nimo during the EMB party on NYE. There is also the issue of Bahati’s wife Diana Marua who is said to be the chief instigator of artistes quitting EMB Records.

With all these odds against Bahati, collaborating with an alleged sex pest whose image is more damaged than his looks like a desperate and opportunistic publicity move.

I’m not exactly an expert in apologies and saying sorry, but I’m sure an apology song is not how you do it if you’re truly remorseful.

The song “Sorry” is not even that good to warrant any kind of forgiveness. It is yet another example of the word sorry being misused as it continues to lose its meaning. Sorry is indeed a sorry word.

I don’t know about you but I’m not sold on this sorry act by Bahati and DK Kwenye Beat, who now goes by nicknames such as DeKi Kwenye Meat and Decay Kwenye Herpes.

Check out ‘Sorry’ below. It doesn’t even deserve a rating. It’s trash.

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