Raila Odinga Says Kenyatta, Odinga Families Not Political Dynasties

February 22, 2019

AU Envoy for Infrastructure Raila Odinga has dismissed the misconception that the Kenyattas and Odingas are Kenya’s political dynasties.

According to the ODM leader, dynasties are unheard of in Africa as they existed in medieval Europe.

“Dynasties used to exist in medieval Europe and the Middle East, but they never existed in Africa,” Raila said in an interview with KTN’s Tony Gachoka.

He explained that the families’ political rise is due to hard work, patience and determination because they all came from humble backgrounds.

“If you take, for example, Jomo Kenyatta was from a very humble background. He died in the office when Uhuru was about 17 years. If it was a dynasty, Uhuru would have been crowned the prince,” Raila said.

“Jaramogi came from a very poor background. He was a teacher then resigned to become a businessman and later a freedom fighter. He became a Vice President for a short period before switching to the opposition,” added Raila.

“How is Raila a beneficiary of the dynasty? Where does the dynasty come from? If anything else, the Odingas have given more than what they have gotten from the society. It is a very tired subject.”

The Opposition leader said their fathers never had it easy and neither have their sons in their quest to rule the nation.

Raila told Kenyans to focus on development and not politics of succession.

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