“Proposal to Castrate Sexual Offenders Will Not Pass,” Duale Tells Isiolo Women Rep

February 22, 2019

A proposal to amend the Sexual Offences Act will not be passed in parliament, Aden Duale has said.

Isiolo woman representative Rehema Dida Jaldesa is fronting the proposal that seeks severe punishment for sexual offenders who will be found guilty.

Speaking during a press conference on Thursday after a Women’s Parliamentary Caucus Group meeting, Rehema said the amendment of Section 43 of the Sexual Offences Act will discourage sexual offences and protect children against abuse.

“I have proposed amendments to section 43 of the Sexual Offences Act to replace the 10-year jail term of offenders. It makes no sense to hand a rapist a 10-year sentence when he has already messed up the entire life of an innocent woman or girl,” Jaldesa said.

“I’m proposing those found guilty of the offense should have their manhood chopped off, that will serve as a lesson to others. I have already proposed that,”  she added.

The lawmaker cited cases where school girls had been abused by people who are supposed to protect them, with the cases being terminated through dialogue to avoid shaming the perpetrators.

About a week ago, Rehema announced she had written to National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi seeking to allow castration of convicted sex offenders.

She was addressing members of the public in Isiolo during the launch of a programme dubbed ‘Wajibika’ that seeks to curb gender based violence, female genital mutilation and early marriages.

Responding to Rehema’s highly unlikely quest, the leader of Majority in the National Assembly Aden Duale said the proposal would hardly be endorsed in the house because most of the legislators were men.

Muhesh. The proposal will not pass as male MPs will protect their God-given organs diligently,” Duale told Jaldesa in a tweet.


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