MIPS College to Focus on Private-Public Partnerships

February 12, 2019

Milestone Institute of Professional Studies (MIPS) at Thika town is now focusing on private-public partnerships to streamline service delivery and strengthen its internal capacity to ensure students get a quality education.

Speaking, George Maina, Founder, and Chairman said that the college through new with only two branches, Thika and Mombasa has a robust internal quality assurance mechanism that ensure its graduates have the desired knowledge, skills, creative abilities, and moral qualities.

He said that partnering with the public institution will help in exchange of programmes noting the exercise will give students self-esteem.

“At MIPS lectures are driven by one thing in common, the desire to empower the society by equipping students with requisite skills needed in the job market,” he said adding that it’s a constitutional right for every child in Kenya to get a quality education without discrimination.

Mr. Maina has called on the ministry of education to take action on the institutions that break education laws.

He called on the ministry to ensure that not a single student is denied a chance to join University or colleges due to lack of school fee.

Last month the institute offered 50 needy students free scholarships to pursue diploma courses in different related fields.

Mr. Maina said the scholarships were worth 4 million. He called on the ministry to facilitate private-public partnerships to ensure exchange of programmes.

Based on the 2018 KCSE results, the ministry states that 651,189 candidates qualified for placement to tertiary institutions at various levels under Government sponsorship. Of these, 90,744 attained a mean grade of C+ all qualified to join local universities.

Further, 121,288 who scored between C plain and C– in the 2018 KCSE examination are all eligible for placement in diploma courses in tertiary TVET institutions under the Government sponsorship programme.

In addition, 244,436 who scored D and D+ in the 2018 KCSE are eligible for placement 2 in Craft Certificate Courses in TVET institutions while all 194,721 who scored between E and D– in the examination are eligible for selection to Artisan courses in the existing 800 Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions.

In 2017, 12,656 students were placed in private universities. An analysis of the enrolment data shows there are students who opt to transfer from public to private universities to pursue various programmes under government funding.

The record further shows that only 68,545 students were admitted to universities while 57,488 were admitted to colleges, Some 32,521 were admitted to crafts courses and another 4,898 into artisan programmes

Transfers from the public to private universities were attributed to better facilities and competitive programmes in private institutions. Public universities were blamed for cases of missing marks and strikes.

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