‘Insult Me all You Want But Don’t Abuse My Daughter,” Ben Kitili’s Wife Amina Mude

February 14, 2019

Amina Mude, the wife of television news presenter Ben Kitili, has spoken out against abuse towards her daughter after a social media user did the unthinkable.

Amina, who has been subjected to vile abuse social media abuse ever since she married outside of her Islamic faith, has pleaded with social media users to spare her precious daughter -Ruby – from their abuse.

This after a Facebook user commented on her photo referring to Ruby as a bastard child.

According to Amina, it is not right for someone to attack an innocent child due to her parents’ choices. In a temporary post on Instagram, Amina said the negativity has to stop and noted that Islam is a beautiful religion.

“So anyone who knows me, knows that the insults and backlash I constantly face from people especially my Muslim sisters and brothers, doesn’t affect me. Days like this I have to admit that my heart is heavy, insult me all you can but never cross the line and abuse my precious daughter. She is sweet, kind, such a free spirit. I want her to grow up knowing that she is beautiful, strong and no matter her religion/tribe, she can be anything she wants. Shabs Abdi and people like you, kindly remember that innocent children can not and will never be judged by their parents actions. Let’s be kind to one another, respect people’s decisions. Islam is such a beautiful religion, don’t make innocent children ran away from it. This negatively has to stop. Let’s make this world a safe space for our children #bekind#temporarypost, wrote Amina Mude.

Amina and the KTN news anchor Ben Kitili got married in November last year in a cross-cultural and cross-religious union at the AG’s office. Amina is a Borana-Muslim while Kitili is a Kamba-Christian.

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