‘F*** Khaligraph Jones’ – Female Rapper Drops Diss Track

February 22, 2019

Rapper Khaligraph Jones seems to be getting on a lot of people’s nerves lately.

If it’s not because of his exaggerated sense of self-importance, arrogance and underlying narcissism, then it is definitely because of the damning physical and emotional abuse allegations leveled against him by his former flame Cashy.

Further, Khali did not do himself any favours in the way he responded to Cashy’s claims by playing the amnesia card and pretending not to know her. Fame and fortune really do get into people’s heads.

And then there is that annoying ‘Mr International’ tag he keeps rubbing on people’s faces after flying to Nigeria. God forbid he goes to NewYork because we would never hear the end of it.

But my obvious shade aside, one person who seemingly can’t stand the ‘Ngori’ hitmaker is none other than rapper Kyki. The struggling femcee is best remembered for dissing everyone in the industry back in 2016 with the track ‘Kuku Mwitu’.

Three years later, Kyki is back with another diss track to shake up the industry.

It is aptly titled ‘F*** Khaligraph Jones’ and sees Kyki once again speak her mind, not only about Khali but a host of other industry players such as The Trend’s Amina, Capital FM’s Joe Muchiri, Kiss FM’s Shaffie Weru, Mseto EA’s Mzazi Tuva.

Interestingly, Ms Cashy is not spared either.

Kyki promoted the diss on her socials writing: “Sio ngwai ni kipaji. Sio chuki tuchangamshe industry. Ligi yoyote madem tunaweza cheza.”

Listen to ‘F*** Khaligraph’ below.

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